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Our landscaped gardens

Design process



After approving the estimated costs for the work a start date and completion date are set. Costs can reflect all budgets and work may be carried out on days and at times to suit clients.

Initially the surface of the ground is flattened and cleared. Any damaged or old trees are removed and any trees in inappropriate place are re-sited. Next the borders for pathways and position for plants and other garden features are set.
First of all we prepare the beds for the plants, install watering systems and create stone gardens and ditches, The timing of pathway laying varies with each project. When planting and installation of other features is completed, the lawn is sown. Landscaping is complete after the first mowing of the lawn.

When selecting plants for a project, we very often use plants grown by ourselves. Alternatively we may purchase them from other nurseries in Latvia or if necessary from some of the best nurseries in Europe.


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